School Time!

ok so im at school right now and im in tech….  BORE-ING!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate the fact that they blocked this for a while but then they un blocked it!!!!!!!!! i got to go ttyl!!!

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ok so I came home today and my mom let me go on the computer and I went on iTunes as usual and I found loads of BIEBER!!!!!!!i was like mom where r these from??? and she said she bought a couple of them b/c we watched glee on Tues. and they were doing a bieber theme and she liked a lot of the songs.I was like ok and I started to listen to a couple….and I am hooked on Never Say Never and it’s not a bad song you people should listen to it.’Cause I mean it’s not a bad song AT ALL!!!!! So whoever is reading this listen to Never Say Never by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. I mean LISTEN to it!!! It is awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just to let you know

Just so you know, I am so over you.I am intelligent independent and free.I used to be that way before you came into my life and threw yourself over me.Now I can be those things once more because I don’t have to worry about someone just like you anymore.Some said I could be an actress some said I could be free,but to tell you the truth I just want you away and out of my life and not worry about a little stupid thing like you.You are stupid over indulgent and just so stuck up!I hope you never know what love is like again and you rot in your precious home alone and die a sad old man,you make me sick!I hope you never have a beautiful wife or children!I was so stupid to actually fall head over heels in love with you.But when I saw you that night in MY hotel room, in MY bed I saw you kissing her and telling her you love her.But I know better I know that it’s a lie I know  that in just a few measly months you will be sitting in HER hotel room with another woman! You are a pig!I hope you never ever hurt any other innocent woman again!Rot in hell you jerk!

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My Way

If someone asked you how to do things what would you say?Would you say logically,socially,instinctevly?I can tell you for sure what I would say.Take a guess, guess anything at all in any possible way.I can give you a hint,no I can give you an answer.I would do anything and everything absolutely and 100% my way.

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