Forbidden Part 3



Alaxander smiled and took my hand as we walked down the aisle to the alter together. I looked up, hoping to see my bestfriends Jayd and Anastasia but instead I saw Lucas.

He said nothing and scowled at me, giving Alax a smirk afterwords.

I clung to Alaxander, afraid of what Lucas would do and also afraid of what Alaxander would notice.

Our footsteps echoed througout the church walls. I had reached the alter seconds after Alaxander, seeing him smile beautifuly.

After the vows we walked down the aisle smiling together.. I wish my day ends here.


ALAXANDER- chapter 2

After the ceromony, Alayna and I were just standing together when the worst possible thing happened. Work came.

Bam! one gunshot, Bam! another. Glass shattered, scattering everywhere.

“Alayna get down!”  she obeyed.

I pulled out my 9mm and shot in all the windows, hearing the thuds of bodies dropping to the floor.

When it all was over Alanya and I ran out of there, as fast as possible.

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Forbidden, part 2


He grabbed my shoulders to steady me, “Alayna where were you?” He looked at me, “Baby are you okay?”

I didn’t answer his question. I just kissed him like i had almost died, and i did.

He pulled away, though it seemed like he regretted it, “Alayna, what happened? Where were you?”

I spoke through my clenched teeth, “I’ll tell you later okay?” He nodded, Alaxander has known me for a majority of my life and knows what it means when i say that. But, that’s what happens when you’re friking 19 and an agent for the CIA.

Alax wrapped an arm around my waist, “Let’s go get married.” I only nodded and plastered on a fake smile, walking beside him.

We had just arrived at the ceremony when a voice yelled, “Alax, Alayna?! Where have you two been?”

Alax separated from me for a second to explain things to his mother and then came over and said, ” We should get to the alter.”

“Yeah, we should.” He smiled and took my hand




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Hey, it’s Jade. I haven’t really told you guys this but I’m writing a book now. It’s called Forbidden. Here’s a bit from chapter one.


“Alayna! Alayna, baby where are you!” Alaxander shouted, “Alayna! Alayna, come out here!”

I tried to shout out to him but, Lucas, his older brother ,had a knife to my throat.He had told me if I screamed, he would kill me then, Alaxander. I had tried to get away from him  but he waved the rusty, blood covered knife infront of me and said, “Little bride, it’d be a shame if I had to kill you, and you know I will.” He ripped the tape off of my mouth, “Now, you won’t be telling anyone about this will you?” I shook my head frantically, trying to get away from him. He ripped the tape off of my mouth, I tried not to scream.

“Now, Little bride. Run along to your weddin’.” I nodded and ran off, not looking back. While running, trying to find my way to the alter though the blinding tears I ran into something, no someone. Alaxander.

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One Word: F.A.M.P.S.

As most of the people who read my blogs know I am around 10 years old. What they don’t know is that I follow ALL celebrity and toy gossip. When I was 10 I got f.a.m.p.s. for Christmas and I … Continue reading

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School-Selena’s Mourning

I’m at School again and it’s Selena Vasquez’s Mourning. Everyone is very sad but Selena is in a better place.I hope that Selena’s family is doing well and I am very sorry for their loss.

3-15-11 at BOLD school District

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R.I.P. Selena,We’ll miss you.

At the end of the school day today the entire BOLD school district got some of the worst news of the century.Selena Vasquez a sixth grader at BOLD passed away at 12:30 on Monday,March 14 2011. Selena was a well loved student and everyone will miss her. My condolenccess to the Vasquez family and everyone else who knew her. Selena was diagnosed with Lukemia several months ago and she had a long and hard fight. We will miss you Selena.

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